Just Another Bigfoot hoax?

After the recent Bigfoot hoax in Georgia I thought I had sworn off believing in the beast. But recently new evidence has caught my attention that perhaps it is actually alive and well. Just look at this interesting image below. Is it just me or is that our book the creature is holding? Could it be that Bigfoot actually likes to read fantasy fiction?


August Rush - The Month that Nearly Escaped Us!

The past month has been a whirlwind of events and appearances and (to our shame) we have failed to post a blog update in quite awhile. So here is a blog entry to catch everyone up with what the Miller Brothers have been doing.

8/2: The VIP Pre-Release Party
We hosted an exclusive event for members of our VIP club (join at for FREE) and family and friends. It was an exciting time and we had a super turn out this year. It was fantastic to see so many of you there. Those who came were treated to food, fun and a special game in which they could find the working title of the next book in the Hunter Brown series hidden throughout the room. For those who figured it out - great job! For those who are curious well let's just say that the title has nothing to do with Surfing On Mice or an Ice Forming Sun and leave it at that.

What a great looking family - if we do say so!

8/8: The Official Launch at WATCH Convention
Of course the big news since our last post is the official launch of the Hunter Brown book on 8/8/08. We kicked off the launch with an appearance at SPU (Seattle Pacific University) for the WATCH homeschool conference. The event was a huge success and we signed nearly 100 copies of the book for some new fans. The event lasted 2 days and we stayed in the dorm rooms with many of the other vendors and exhibitors. We also had a chance to present two seminars to homeschool families. One on "Inspiring the Artist in your Student" and another on "Inspiring the Writer in your Student". It was a lot of fun.

The seminar wasn't as boring as it looks in this picture, really!

See, I told you it wasn't all boring!

8/13 - 8/14: Writers Retreat for Hunter Brown Book 2
After a busy beginning to August, we were blessed to have the opportunity to get away for a couple days for a writers retreat. Escaping away to a cabin in Snoqualmie Pass we were ready to start planning for our next project. We were joined by our good friend and pastor, Ryan who helped us work through the many ideas we had been collecting for the next Hunter Brown book. The outline started to come together and we explored many details, events and characters that will be involved in the next story. It was an extremely productive time and one that we will long remember and cherish. Oh yeah, the Mt. High Hamburgers were very good too!

8/21 - 8/24: Church Campout
It is tradition every year for our church family (Valley Bible Church) to head for the hills and enjoy an extended weekend away. With clear skies overhead, and more than a million starts to capture the imagination at night we explored the wonder of God's green earth. How can you look at the world and not be amazed at God's artistry? One of my favorite memories from this trip was the night we used a video projector to project the movie "Ratatouille" on the back of the RV. There we were in the great outdoors roasting smores while watching a movie with our kids and other campers under the stars. Yeah - we were really ruffing it! :-) It was great fun anyway.

8/29 - Final Outline for Book 2 Completed
The final outline for Hunter Brown (book two) was due to the publisher today and we turned it in at the last possible moment. Karen and Robin (our editors at Warner) will be very happy. Now, we're waiting to hear if they like it or not...we'll keep you posted. Here's a quick teaser summary for those who are interested.

Hunter's connection with the Shadow has been broken, but the real battle has only begun. Upon returning home he discovers things are no longer as they used to be. For starters, he sees things no one else can. Yes, the Shadow are still alive and well in Destiny and they seem to be growing in number every day. To top things off, a mysterious figure seems to be following his every move.

Will Hunter be able to resist the Shadow alone...and who is this mysterious new stalker that haunts him as he goes?

The Stuff that fills in the gaps.
Well that brings us through the major events of the month. However, all throughout the month of August we have also been hard at work on several improvements to the Codebearers website as well as developing the next several Codebearer challenges that are scheduled for release early next week on Exciting stuff is on its way!

So, thanks for sticking with us through the August rush. I'm hoping the month of September slows down a bit so we can enjoy writing the next Hunter Brown book. Keep an eye out for some special events coming soon.