Feeling Blue

Lately the Miller Brothers have been feeling a bit "blue".

Not because they are sad, and it's not because they are HUGE Seahawks fans spreading team spirit, and they didn't lose a bet or anything like that. It's because their friend Brock Eastman has received his first book publishing deal. His 5-book series The Quest for Truth, will be released by P&R Publishing starting with the first book "Taken" which is coming your way early 2011.

But why would the Miller Brothers be blue about this, you ask? Two reasons.

Firstly, because "The Quest for Truth" was the title of a paper cut-out animation sequence the Miller Brothers dreamed up years ago as children. (True story. Check back to see evidence on this blog soon).

And secondly because...well...they might win cool stuff from Brock Eastman by turning themselves blue. And you can too. Want to know more? Jump over The Quest for Truth blog and find out.