Peter and the Sword of Mercy - Cover Art LEAKED!!!

So, I'm a huge fan of the Peter and the Starcatcher series. The books were co-authored by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson and are nothing short of amazing. After all, co-authored books ROCK! Okay, so the first three books are listed below and if you haven't yet read them start them right away. You'll be glad you did. (Besides, it will help you pass the time until our next Hunter Brown book comes out...right?)

Anyway, I soon as I heard that they were coming out with a fourth book in the series (Peter and the Sword of Mercy) this fall I started frantically searching for the cover art. Nobody had it in any of the bookstores, however I was successful at spotting a cover on another blog. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Looks like they are flying over London in a train.



Watch Miller Brothers LIVE on Webcast Wednesday!

Today, Wednesday July 22nd at 3PM we begin our Weekly Webcast Wednesday program on We'll celebrate Allan's Birthday (a day late) and talk about the new book coming out on 9-9-09. Join the conversation via live chat and we'll look forward to seeing you there.

Just visit and click on the Video Chat tab to join in. It's that simple.

See you soon!

Ten-Gallon Sam Top's List of "Family-Friendly" Books

We were honored today to hear that Focus on the Family has recently chosen our children's book "The Legend of Ten-Gallon Sam and the Perilous Mine" as one of their top ten Family-Friendly Books of 2008. For those of you who are not familiar with our children's books you can read more about them by visiting the website or read the review on Focus on the Family's website.

This announcement came as a total shock as we had no clue we were even in the running for the Top 10 listing.

Dragons in our Midst Movie

Our author friend Bryan Davis is meeting with a major motion picture company in 45 min about distributing a film adaptation of his book series Dragons in Our Midst. Please pray for him and his producer as they pitch the storyboards (which, by the way, look amazing).

New Codebearer Challenge is LIVE!!!

Fellow Codebearers, the next level of the online game is now active. It is called "The Chamber" and it takes the book codes to a whole new level.

Visit today and try your hand at it now.


GIVEAWAY!! A fellow blogger is giving away the first book in the Passages series by Paul McCusker, Darien's Rise. Contest ends July 30th. Click here to post and for rules for the contest.

Block Party on July 3rd

We had a great time at the block party tonight. Sold some books, got a tan, made some friends and even met a couple of budding and published authors who I look forward to chatting with again someday soon. more thing...shortly after setting up our display Allan got stung right on the elbow by a rogue bee with a temper tantrum. It was a hit and run kind of thing...we never saw the bee again. This is why I am afraid of bees.

The event itself was somewhat of an eclectic collection of several events all rolled into one. Part classic car show, part church carnival, part 4th of July celebration and part vendor fair. Somehow on paper it doesn't sound like it could work, golly it was a HIT!

The event was hosted and directed by the Tacoma Alliance Church and a friend of ours from Lighthouse Christian Books. It was sponsored by Home Depot and had quite a good sized crowd turn out. Of course, Free Hot Dogs and Hamburgers were an added bonus. There were bounce houses for the lil' ones and dunk tanks for the older. While I didn't get to leave our booth very often, my 4 year old pretty much summed everything up by saying the part that he liked best was "everything!" He had a blast.

The evening concluded with the inflating and launching of a red white and blue Hot Air Ballon (which was amazing to watch) and a stellar fireworks show put on by the Tacoma Rainers directly across the freeway from the event (which we unfortunatly couldn't stay to watch - the kids were far too tired by 10pm). Wow, what a night!

We may have even booked a few school visits for this next fall. (Which reminds me if you know of a teacher or librarian at an elementary or middle school in Washington State...have them give us a call.)

We'll definately plan on visiting this event next year.