Hunter Brown Wins Moonbeam Award for Pre-Teen Fiction Category

Our heads grew a bit today. It's not our can blame it on our publishers if you'd like. You see, it was their idea to submit our books to these silly award things that nobody wins. We tried to warn them - award winning authors are not just a dime a dozen and even though you believe in us...we're just not THAT good.

Boy were we wrong.

Early this morning we received a giggly phone call from an enthusiastic staff at Warner Press. Allan and I hovered over the speakerphone, listening intently to the buzzing hive of friendly publishing staff on the other end of the line. We stood slack-jawed, wide-eyed and white-faced as they told us "Hunter Brown and the Secret of the Shadow" had just won a "Moonbeam Children's Book Award" in the "Pre-Teen Fiction - Fantasy" category!

It's true - see for yourself:

So, in a matter of moments we went from being plain ol' published authors (whoopee) to award winning novelists (Yahoo!) and all that entails.

Can you see now why our heads are growing? This is fantastic news that allows us to gain more exposure with our stories in the marketplace. We can even place a "Moonbeam" seal on our book AND several new organizations will be promoting us on their list of recommended reads for Libraries and other outlets.

Being a math whiz myself, I know what comes next: High Honors + Shiny Awards = More Exposure + Bigger Heads! However, since the award is only a shiny sticker and not something I'll be receiving on the red carpet in hollywood, you can pop my ballooning head now.

Needless to say both Warner Press and the Miller Brothers are very pleased to have received this recognition. Warner also mentioned that there are a few more awards we are in consideration for. We'll let you know if any more good news arrives.

Hunter Brown Radio Commercials?

Hey guys, Spirit 105.3 is doing a radio advertisement for our latest book Hunter Brown and the Consuming Fire. It's part of their new "book club" promotion and they are looking for reviews from people who have read it. Post your comment on the website to help tell others about the book too.