Hunter Brown is going for Amazon Top 100 - You can help us reach our dream and get a FREE gift too!

We've been monitoring our sales rank recently and noticed something peculiar. From the data we've gathered some of the bestselling authors in our category are just over one-hundred copies ahead of us in sales this month.

This gave us an idea...(a pretty crazy idea that could potentially earn our book "amazon bestseller" status in our category)...but we need your help!

It's only 3 steps and you get something FREE for helping out so please read on.

  1. This Friday only (July 23rd) we'd like for everyone that has enjoyed our books to buy just one more copy of Hunter Brown and the Consuming Fire for $10 on If you want to buy the first book in the series for $11 on Amazon you can do that as well...but for the purposes of this promotion we are looking for Book 2 sales. Only book 2 sales will be eligible for the FREE GIFT. It is important you buy from the link below and you finish your purchase before midnight on Friday July 23rd (pacific time) to be eligible.

  2. After your purchase is complete, please email a copy of your invoice to us at for confirmation of your order. Be sure to include your shipping address to receive your FREE GIFT...

  3. So, what is the FREE GIFT? Well, it depends on how quickly you act! The first 40 people to send us their receipts will receive (free of charge) one of the last 40 limited edition CODEBEARERS MEDALLION KEY CHAINS ever produced (value of $12.99). All remaining participants will receive one of three personally autographed bookmarks featuring one of the characters from the Hunter Brown and the Consuming Fire book.
So, just to recap.

1. Buy the book from this link for $10 between 12:00 AM and 11:59PM (pacific), Friday, July 23rd.
2. Email the receipt from along with your mailing address to the Miller Brothers
3. Receive your FREE GIFT of one of 40 keychains OR a personally autographed bookmark.

YOU DO THE MATH! Buy a $10 book and get a $13 keychain for FREE? That's like putting $3 in your pocket. It's what we call a win/win...but that's not all...

EXTRA BONUS! Since we're in a "promotional" kind of mood (and we really want this whole test to work out) we're going to send you an exclusive download of a desktop wallpaper for Book 3 in the Codebearers Series...Hunter Brown and the Eye of Ends (coming Nov 2010). This exclusive artwork will only be available for download by those who participate in the blast.

Set your reminder alarms! Your order could be the very one that pushes us over the top into the bestseller status this month.

Don't Forget to Spread the Word!!!
Even if you can't order one yourself, be sure to repost a link to our blog in your own Facebook/Twitter/Blog account so others can take advantage of this opportunity and help us break the best-seller status. Just use the link below when referring to the offer.