Consuming Fire Cover Design...Work In Progress!!!

Okay, so we're long overdue for a blog update. I figured it should be an exciting one when at last it is time to post something. it goes.

Allan and I have been hard at work on the new Hunter Brown cover. After a multitude of choices for layout and colors we've finally found a concept that we like pretty well. Keep in mind what you are seeing is an incomplete concept (there are still minor adjustments to be made) but I'm anxious to hear what our fans and friends think of the direction we've taken.

So, this is your chance to tell us what you think...before we finish it up.

Things to be done:
1. The wardrobe on the girl is incomplete
2. The lighting on Hunter's back is not set
3. Hunter's hair is still...uh...ungroomed!
4. The medallion needs to be modeled.

Hope you are all getting excited about the new book. It's in its first round of edits at the publisher...we'll keep you posted.