Consuming Fire Cover Design...Work In Progress!!!

Okay, so we're long overdue for a blog update. I figured it should be an exciting one when at last it is time to post something. it goes.

Allan and I have been hard at work on the new Hunter Brown cover. After a multitude of choices for layout and colors we've finally found a concept that we like pretty well. Keep in mind what you are seeing is an incomplete concept (there are still minor adjustments to be made) but I'm anxious to hear what our fans and friends think of the direction we've taken.

So, this is your chance to tell us what you think...before we finish it up.

Things to be done:
1. The wardrobe on the girl is incomplete
2. The lighting on Hunter's back is not set
3. Hunter's hair is still...uh...ungroomed!
4. The medallion needs to be modeled.

Hope you are all getting excited about the new book. It's in its first round of edits at the publisher...we'll keep you posted.



This from Jonathan: AWESOOOOMMMMEEE!!!!!!
What's in his backpack?
Is the girl Hope?
Is Hunter's hair really that blond?
Why is fire coming out of the medallion. Oh man, oh man, oh man, I can't wait!
I like the cover!!!!

The Miller Brothers

Let's see if I can answer your questions as mysteriously as possible.

In this hopeless cover, you will learn to check your backpack regularly...after all, you never know if there might be creatures living there (or mold perhaps). Blonde is a relative color!

As for your question about the medallion, I can only say this: Doesn't fire come out of every medallion?

I'm glad you like it!

God Made Playdough

I love Jonathan's comment! :)
Looks good guys!


Hey, Gents

Cool new cover. The fiery whirlwind in the center is very captivating. It appears that both characters there are frightened or at least startled by the fire--this is good. What will happen? begs the reader.

I too like the critter in the backpack. It looks a little like a gremlin. Bright light! Bright light! ;-)

My only critique, if it could be called such is that the fire is so bright and "consuming" that there's no point of reference as to where the two characters might be. I think there is the suggestion of a rocky desert like setting, but not enough to orient me.

My .02

The Lion Hearted

Looking SWEET! I love it! And did I mention I have an obsession with fire? Mwah ha ha.... Anyway, looking forward to it coming out soon!


The cover looks great. It leaves you wondering "what is going on with these two?" and then "what has Hunter got into now?"

Totally loved the first book and can't wait for the second!

S. J. Deal

Good cover! It makes me want to know what's happening. I like it.


Oh this is just great! I have been dieing to know what's going to happen to Hunter. I was wondering though, Miller Brothers,do you have the ability to produce movies of your books? I don't care if there animated but if you can, I encourage you to make them


Looks great.


Those graphics are fantastic! You guys really know how to catch a readers eye! Can't wait to see it. If people are judging your books by the covers, you should be selling out!

~Mimi B

Woven by Words