Better Late than Never!

As some of you know, the original release date for Ten Gallon Sam was scheduled for the 2nd of January. Unfortunately, the container that was being shipped from Singapore with our book on it was held by the FDA for a period of time in California. I guess they thought there were bugs on the container or something. Anyway, the good news is that last week we received word that our second book in the Heroes of Promise series was received by the publisher and shipped out to bookstores around the country. We expect our copies to arrive this Tuesday! Hooray!

We will be selecting and announcing three winners to be awarded an autographed copy of Ten Gallon Sam this Tuesday. Until then you still have time to find the hidden picture of us on the website and earn a chance to win a FREE autographed copy for yourself. (PS - I posted a clue at the end of a previous post on our blog)



Rylie allready has parts of "10 Gallon Sam" memorized! She has been reading it several times a day since she got it Wed. night! She loves it! She also loves the part where you guys autographed it with her name on it!