HELP! We need your feedback...

Allan and I have been working hard on the Codebearers website and marketing material. Very soon we will have some exciting things to show you - but first we have a work in progress to review with you. We need your feedback on this poster design we've been working on. Tell us what you think and we'll take it into consideration as we finish up the design. Make sure you post your response in our poll as well!




I like the way the symbols are circling the boy and his expression draws you in, wondering what he fears. Looks like a good mystery type book. Appealing cover. Reminds me of a summer reading program poster.


Hey guys. This looks good. My only concern is the bottom right corner of the poster. All that black space seems awkward based on the rest of the poster.

Maybe you could nudge the Codebearer's logo to the right a little and bump up the size/contrast of the release date. Something there just makes me feel a bit awkward.

Just a suggestion though, y'all know what you're doing when it comes to design so I appreciate the opportunity to provide my feedback.


I like it, but I think you should change the font at the very top- it doesn't flow well for the eye. Other than that, it is great.

Christopher Miller

Thanks everyone - check out the latest post to see the final version of the poster.