Video Diary of a Book Tour: Day 2

Day 2: Seattle, WA
Having been joined by the final two authors (Wayne Thomas Batson, LB Graham) we started the day off with a TV interview for TBN in Federal Way, and then raced back to Seattle for a booksigning, followed by another booksigning event in Enumclaw. It was a high octane day that kept us on our toes.

At the end of the night, we all arrived back at my house (Chris) for a giant sleepover with some of our favorite authors. How cool is that!?


Keanan Brand

Very cool!

Sharon Hinck

It was SO great meeting you and your brother...and I'm looking forward to blogging about you both during our Motiv8 ongoing blog tour. :-)
Hugeness of blessings on your great work!!!!


I came to Harvest Logos. I had a great time meeting you guys! ^-^
I've very much enjoyed your book as well. It's my new favorite book. Keep writing and blessings to you both!