Book 2 Wrap Up

After countless cases of Mt. Dew, Mocha Frapachino, Gatorade and Shaklee Energy Tea drinks (a.k.a. creative juice); after dozens of late-nighters, all-nighters and giant night-crawlers (a.k.a. "fangworms" in the book); after hours of blood, sweat, tears (yes, we did cry) and good ol' fashioned writing, rewriting and re-rewriting, Allan and I have at long last managed to put the wraps on the final draft of Hunter Brown and the Consuming Fire. Phew!

We shot the file off to our loving editors at Warner Press who will now begin the process of making us look good through the magic of editing.

If all goes well on the illustration side of things our book should be coming out 9.9.09. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.

As soon as we get the greenlight to share the first chapter we'll give those of you who helped with our blog tour (or those who bought the medallions) FREE access to read the first chapter extra "special" early!