The Miller Brother's are Going Nuts on the Radio!!!

Join us on the air, July 11th 2009, for our scheduled interview with Bongo Rod and the Coconut Hut Radio Show. All we can say is that the interview is entirely unscripted and "a little bit nutty". If you've ever wondered what the Miller Brother's favorite junk food is, or how Chris Miller sounds with his nose plugged you might want to tune in.

Visit to listen live!


B. D. Eastman

Will you guys be at ICRS in Denver?

Christopher Miller

Yes we will. Your name reminds me of one of my all time favorite books..Go dogs go!

B. D. Eastman

Ha Ha... Great I am reading your first book right now. I work for Focus on the Family and I will be there representing them.

Christopher Miller

Super. Are you interested in meeting at ICRS? We'd love to connect and talk shop with you...PLUS I'd love to hear first hand what you thought of the book.