5 Grows Up!

At least we only hope it is "growing up" and not "blowing up!"

Many of the faithful fans of our books series website have probably noticed we've had a few growing pains of late. Our most recent member count is 3,843 members (and growing!) The added activity has resulted in some rough stretches as our site has experienced some ups and downs.

In response, we are embarking on an in-depth upgrade that will both upgrade our hosting and software platforms. During this time, our interactive features (like Forums, Profiles, etc) will be intenionally disabled so that we can perform the upgrade without losing any new data that might happen in the meantime.

Thank you to everyone who is participating on the site and making it such a huge success! We hope to reward your patience during this down-time with a new, improved website.

Ordering books through will also be disabled during this upgrade.

Via, Veritas, Vita!
- The Miller Brothers



When will the changes be finished?

The Miller Brothers

The upgrade process is quite involved. We had initially hoped to have this complete by the weekend... it may take longer. We are looking at Monday/Tuesday now. Thanks for your patience! The website will be better for it.


well will there be 2 URLs both codebearers, or the same URL only with new features?

spencer jay

will there be 2 URLs or the same URL only with new features?

spencer jay

will it be the same url or 2 diffrent urls only with new features?