The Making of a Movie - Part 2

Follow "Gid the Kid" from book to DVD movie

So just how exactly do you fund a DVD movie production?

Traditionally, back in the hayday of direct-to-video releases (1990's), distributors themselves would pay a handsome amount up-front to secure distribution rights. From what we've learned about the market today, this is not so common. No, our route will have to be more of the private investment kind.

However, we know from talking first-hand with families who have bought our book that people care about seeing quality, moral-based content produced. It's what they want to show to their kids and grandkids. So, Chris and I spent some time considering how we could allow the people who care the most about seeing this film produced to get involved in the production process of our "Gid the Kid" movie.

We looked at what our typical supporter was already doing. Many of those who have bought our book have been faithfully spreading word about it, giving them as gifts, even adjusting them on store bookshelves so they would be better seen (we love you guys!). Beyond simply getting a great book out with a great message, the reality is that each book sale from our supporters' efforts generates a profit which, in turn, becomes a very real investment into the "Gid the Kid" movie production budget. Additionally, the more books that make their way into households, the greater the awareness of the "Gid the Kid" story will be - making the eventual DVD release that much more successful. Both financially and, even more importantly, socially, our grassroot supporters will be the ones to make the biggest contribution to this DVD's success in the marketplace.

With all of that in mind, we are excited to have developed a program by which our supporters can get involved in the "Gid the Kid" movie production. The idea is simple: keep doing what you are already doing - telling your friends about the book. For every 10 book sales you refer, you'll earn a movie credit as a "Production Partner" AND earn the chance to make a cameo appearance in the "Gid the Kid" movie.

We'll keep you posted on how this unique program works out. Until then, get on over to our website to see about getting your name in the DVD credits too!

(heh, heh... like our cameo in the ad?)

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Frank Emrich

Great blog men! I enjoyed reading every bit of it. I am so impressed and grateful for the two of you and indeed your whole family (s). I praise the Lord for bringing you to VBC. May God continue to bless and you minister through your giftedness. Thanks for letting me be your pastor. Pastor Frank


Rylie wants it for Christmas! I hope it is ok, but I put added a link to you from my blog. Thought I'd give you advance warning so you'd be prepared for the influx in traffic :)!