Millions Meet The Miller Brothers

[Allan writes:]

Earlier this week, on Wednesday morning, Chris and I appeared as guests on a "live" international TV show called The Harvest Show. Our publisher, Warner Press, arranged to have us on the show for a 10 minute interview; even flying us all the way out to South Bend, IN! Wow!

The 6+ hours it took to fly each direction were not particularily enjoyable, but our brief time on the "live" set was special (So special, we both got to wear makeup - "manly" makeup I'm sure). Seriously, though, the entire production staff for The Harvest Show were very professional and made us feel right at home. While I know it was the prayers of our family and friends in our VIP Club that were most instrumental in calming the of nerves during the interview, the staff certainly did a great job with their part.

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Chris sharing Gid the Kid book with Notre Dame football statueAfter our TV appearance, we had a few hours to poke around South Bend. We had a quick bite at the local Steak and Shake restaraunt (Mmmm! Split Shakes!) and made a quick stop at the University of Notre Dame (see pic of Chris in front of statue).

While at the restaraunt, though, we had the chance to observe a young mom and her two sons, probably 5 and 2. It didn't take Dr. Phil to see that this was not the 2 year old's day. In the mother's own words, he was "awnry". Helpless to change his attitude, she finally had the waitress change her order "to-go". Through it all,Allan enjoying his Steak and Shake meal Chris and I were both struck with how well she handled the situation and impressed by the reminder of how much a mother gives to her children when she chooses to stay at home. It gave us a little glimpse of a day-in-the-life-of for our own wives; something we don't get to see that much as working fathers. So, "Thanks Moms!". We appreciate all you do, and all you endure for the sake of loving your children.

And thanks to all of you who prayed for our safe travel and successful interview.



I just purchased the book and then read about all of your a stay at home mother myself, I found it very touching so thank you.

Today my 5 year twins and I were just discussing what we are the most thankful for and when my daughter Rachel asked me what I was most thankful for, I replied without hesitation and said, "I am most thankful for God blessing me with the gift of 3 children" Being a mom, while not exciting or glamourous, is what I was meant to do and I consider myself very blessed to be allowed to do so.

We can't wait to read the book!!



The mother you talked about is my Aunt Kim. She told us about the incident and she was impressed by your thoughtfulness. The little one (Carson) will be 2 soon and it shows at times. The older boy (Cameron) is 5. I see Aunt Kim and the boys almost every day, and they brought your book over for us to read. I loved it. I have a feeling our family will be getting more of your books.

Thanks for showing Christ's love and bringing a smile to my Aunt Kim that day.

Because of Christ,