Author Tips: Tracking Amazon Sales Rank Numbers

Authors love to watch the Amazon sales rank and speculate what that means for their book sales. The problem is that in order to chart the progress of your book against other comparable titles you have to manually search and click on each title in Amazon and write down the sale rank. This is a time consuming and frustrating process.

Luckily, you don't have to do that anymore.

I just found a great website that offers a FREE book monitoring service for your titles. The website is called Simply sign up for a free account and start adding titles to your watch list. It provides a sales rank history for your books and any comparable titles you type in. In addition to giving you a history it will calculate your average sales rank number and the best sales ranking you've received to date. PLUS: with a single click of a button the website will generate a printable report with all of the data on it in a graph chart.

So - if you're a published author looking for a better way to monitor your sales rank, try and see what you think.

For those who are interested, Hunter Brown has ranked as low as 19,045 out of over 6 million titles (the lower the number the better!) We're working hard to bring that number down even more through marketing. For a better understanding of how Amazon's sales ranking system works check out this other blog entry.