New Book Signing Event Announced at Borders Bookstore!

Following two days of sharing in the joy of the Fantasy Fiction Tour with Bryan Davis, Wayne Thomas Batson, Donita K. Paul and five other fantastic authors (check it out at you would think that we would be looking forward to a day off!

No way! Even though the other authors will be making their way down the coast for the remainder of the tour, we have been working hard to give local fans more chances to meet us. That is why we are thrilled to announce that we have just added a new book signing event for folks in the Federal Way area to attend. The Borders bookstore in the Federal Way Commons Mall has just agreed to have us join them on Sunday, October 5th, from 2pm - 5pm for a book signing event.

Everyone is welcome to attend. This will be our first Borders bookstore event and we really want it to turn out great. We'll be giving away bonus codes for the online game that you can't get anywhere else. So, even if you have the book already, come on up and bring a friend so you can get that code!

See you there - October 5th!


Donita K. Paul

We are very jazzed that the Miller Brothers will be joining us. I'm sure we are going to be sad to leave them behind when we head on down the coast. Maybe we will get another tour together next year where we can all storm the country together.