Join us Live Online in 3D!!!

With the help of an emerging technology from Google called "Lively" we're taking our Author book tour to a whole new level. Introducing the Virtual Meet and Greet with Chris and Allan Miller (aka - the Miller Brothers). Through the wonders of 3D Technology you too can meet your favorite author duo live and (almost) in person. Couldn't make it to our latest event? Don't sweat it. Just check the schedule for our Virtual appearances and join us for a personal chat in 3D online.

See, there we are just waiting for you!

Joining is simple. Anyone with a FREE google account can join in on the fun.

Just visit our website at and login with your Codebearer account (if you don't have one - get one). Once you are registered with our site and logged in you can view a members only webpage by clicking on "Beyond the Books > LIVE CHAT!" in the menu. It will take you to this page

Download the Lively software as prompted (only takes a few seconds) and follow the instructions on the screen to get started by creating your own 3D character. Before you know it - you'll be taken to a whole new dimension of the website where you can interact with other visitors, fans and friends online in 3D (not to mention the Miller Brothers as well). \

Oh and one more thing: If its Bonus Codes you're looking for (to earn points in our online game) we'll be passing them out at every virtual meet and greet we host. So make sure to put us on your schedule and collect those points!

See you online! :-)

Want to host a virtual book signing for your church or school? Contact the Miller Brothers for an exclusive 3D appearance and chat session in a private room for VIP guests only.