Fake Celebrity Endorsements

Since we are still awaiting official celebrity endorsements for our book Hunter Brown and the Secret of the Shadow we decided to make up a few of our own. Are they real? Absolutely not. Funny? We'll let you decide.


On the eve of his Republican National Convention appearance, presidential candidate John McCain is considering legislation that would require every American to read Hunter Brown and the Secret of the Shadow. In doing so, he earned our votes.

Not to be outdone, Obama replied that he absolutely loved the book and claims he agrees with McCain on the issue adding that he found it ironic that one of the characters in the book was named after his campaign slogan: Hope. Regrettably, we had to inform him that the character was not, in fact, named after his campaign to which he simply replied, "the audacity!" (An obvious and humorous plug for his own book entitled the Audacity of Hope.)

If you are a real celebrity, or if you know a real celebrity who enjoyed our book, and would like to offer an endorsement - drop us a line. In the meantime, we'll keep looking for other "fake" celebrity endorsements for our book.