Inside Scoop: Hunter Brown Book Two

As part of our research for the development of Hunter Brown's second adventure (and the continuing saga of the Codebearers series) Allan and I decided to take a little field trip two weeks ago. We spent part of the morning and a couple hours in the evening exploring the Puyallup Fair. We were researching the fair for a very thrilling sequence in the next book. While we were there we found a lighted sword that was pretty fun so we decided to have Allan pose for the camera.

It looks more like a lightsaber than a Veritas Sword - but we had a good time. What do you think?

While we were at the Puyallup Fairgrounds (the 5th largest fair in the country) we spoke with one of the operators of the cable cars. Interestingly enough his son had just purchased a copy of Hunter Brown and was reading it at home. What are the chances?



wen were u there cuz i was there on the 16th??!!...

Christopher Miller

We were there the first day it opened, Friday the 12th.


Thats a funky picture


I realy like your first book, Hunter Brown and the secret of the shadow. Is it hard to work with your brother? And when is the next book coming out?

your 1# fan,


Please tell me when will the second book come out?